Dot or Dash, who’s there?

Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata in association with Get Set Learn and Premium Learning Partner TinkRworks, brings to you ROBOTRICKS - a two-day STEM fest and competition, celebrating the wonders of Morse coding and telegraphy - the OG pioneers of communication!

Students are invited to solve 4 Morse code puzzles during the Robotricks competition in the classroom, form a complete sentence, and submit their response here.

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Open to schools and students from top schools in Kolkata, this two-day coding and telegraphy extravaganza promises a captivating platform for intellectual growth and collaborative learning. Get ready to geek out and make memories that last a lifetime!

What is Morse Coding?

Explore the history of human communication with programming. Students build a project that employs two methods of communication — a traditional wired telegraph and a modern-day wireless texting device that allows students to communicate with each other in the classroom through Morse Code.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the parts of a telegraph, describe how they work and create their own language for communication over a telegraph.
  • Build an electromagnet, explain how it works, and what affects the size and strength of its magnetic field.
  • Create circuits using batteries, LEDs, and resistors to demonstrate differences between digital and analog signals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Focus on learning various aspects of coding and telegraphy.
  • Immersive morse coding demonstrations and experiential learning sessions.
  • Exciting Morse Coding Competition followed by certificates distribution.

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